Announcing the adjustment of the planning of Chu Lai open economic zone and the 15th anniversary of THACO - Chu Lai


On the morning of December 16, the People’s Committee of Quang Nam and THACO organized the announcement of the adjustment of the planning of Chu Lai Open Economic Zone and the 15th anniversary of THACO – Chu Lai.

Attending the program were Mr. Nguyen Xuan Phuc – Politburo member and Prime Minister; Mr. Truong Tan Sang – Former Member of the Politburo, Former President; Mr. Phan Dien – Former Member of the Politburo, Former Permanent Secretary of the Secretariat; Mr. Nguyen Van Binh – Member of the Politburo, Party Central Committee Secretary, Head of the Central Economic Committee; Ms. Dang Thi Ngoc Thinh – Member of the Party Central Committee, Vice President; together with leaders of committees of the Party Central Committee and leaders of the National Assembly Committees; Leaders of Government Office, Ministry of Transport, Science & Technology, Industry and Trade, Planning & Investment, Finance, Construction; research institutes; Japanese trade and investment promotion agency and Japanese Ambassador in Vietnam; with leaders of provinces and cities; leaders of associations, international and domestic partners; economic experts; businesses and reporters of press agencies.

In 2003, Quang Nam province decided to establish Chu Lai Open Economic Zone – the first economic zone in Vietnam. As the first enterprise to invest in Chu Lai OEZ, THACO has started construction of a truck and bus factory with a capacity of 25,000 vehicles / year with an area of ​​38 ha, total investment of VND 2,800 billion. This is the first factory in Chu Lai OA Area and also the largest automobile assembly and production factory in Vietnam at that time. After 15 years of establishment and development, Chu Lai OEZ has applied creatively the advantages and potentials, attracted many domestic and foreign enterprises to invest with 158 projects with a total of capital up to 4.5 billion USD, contributing to economic restructuring, stabilizing life for workers, creating a driving force for socio-economic development.

Being the first enterprise to respond to Quang Nam’s investment promotion program and implementing the Prime Minister’s Decision 175/2002 / QD-TTg of December 3, 2002 approving the Industrial Development Strategy. In 2010, with a vision to 2020, THACO through 15 years of investment in Chu Lai has formed Chu Lai – Truong Hai Mechanical and Automotive Complex with a scale of more than 400 hectares, including 30 companies, factory with a total investment of over VND 80,000 billion. Currently THACO is producing and trading all kinds of cars including: trucks, buses, tourist cars and specialized vehicles throughout the value chain from product development research (R&D) to production and delivery. receive, distribute and retail, meet domestic and export market demand. Over the past 15 years, THACO has contributed to the budget of Quang Nam province with over VND 70,000 billion, accounting for 65-70% of the total annual budget revenue of Quang Nam province (in which, 2016: VND 14,350 billion; 2017: 12,353 VND 201,600 billion in 2018), creating stable jobs for more than 8,000 workers. At the same time, THACO has shown social responsibility to the community through many social security activities in the locality, making Quang Nam a good province of the whole country.

Currently, Chu Lai – Truong Hai is named on the automobile assembly and production map of international brands such as Kia – Korea, Mazda; Japan Fuso – Japan, Peugeot – France, and is being considered as a major and modern automobile production base in the ASEAN region. This is the basis for THACO to participate in the global value chain of reputable corporations with a long history of manufacturing automobiles for hundreds of years in the world. In the context of the integration and strong impact of the 4th industrial revolution, THACO proposed a new strategy after 2018 to become a multidisciplinary industrial group in key areas of the country such as: Nong career; Investment in construction of transport infrastructure, urban areas and industrial parks; Logistics; Trade and Services, … taking Mechanical and Automotive is key. Along with that, THACO will expand the mechanical engineering complex for automobiles to the fields of agriculture, construction, equipment manufacturing, … and implement projects: Expanding the Area Mechanical and Automotive industry (126 ha more); invest in an industrial zone specializing in agriculture and export goods production with an area of ​​450 ha; to invest in deep-water ports capable of receiving ships of up to 50,000 tons at Chu Lai port; investment in urban areas and housing Chu Lai workers, social infrastructure development …

Along with the development of THACO, before the requirements of the integration period, enterprises in Chu Lai OEZ continue to invest, upgrade and expand many projects. Therefore, in order to better exploit the potentials and advantages, promote investment attraction in Chu Lai and KDCZs, the requirement is to adjust the planning of the Open Economic Zone, but focus on is to change the planning of the economic zone according to the Government’s Decision No. 43/2004 / QD-TTg of March 23, 2004, from the financial, banking, commercial, tourist and telecommunications centers to the sea economic zone multidisciplinary, multi-disciplinary. This is extremely necessary. Within the framework of the program on December 16, 2018, representatives of Quang Nam Provincial People’s Committee reported on the process of implementing the general planning on construction of Chu Lai OEZ. Mrs. Phan Thi My Linh – Deputy Minister of Construction, authorized by the Prime Minister, announced and handed over the Prime Minister’s decision to approve the adjustment of the general planning on construction of Chu Lai OEZ for Quang Nam People’s Committee. Mr. Tran Ba ​​Duong – Chairman of the Board of THACO received the investment policy agreement of Quang Nam People’s Committee with 3 projects. That is the project to expand THACO Chu Lai mechanical and automobile industrial park with an area of ​​126 hectares, total investment of 5,830 billion dong; Project of specialized agriculture-forestry industrial zone with an area of ​​450ha, total investment capital of VND 13,800 billion; and Deep-water port project for ships of 50,000 tons, total investment capital of VND 1,400 billion.

Also at the program, Mr. Tran Ba ​​Duong awarded the project of Chu Lai 2-storey roundabout for Quang Nam province. Previously, Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc and state leaders and THACO’s leadership had cut the inauguration ribbon.

Started on March 10, 2018, after nearly 8 months of construction, the project has been completed and put into operation, contributing to strengthening the capacity and ensuring traffic safety in the Automotive Engineering Industrial Park. Chu Lai – Truong Hai and Chu Lai OE Area, and complete the planned traffic network, creating a driving force for socio-economic development for Quang Nam and meeting the traffic demand for residents in the region. General and staff of THACO in particular.

Also in the program, THACO awarded 15 billion VND to Nui Thanh district to build social projects. At the same time, two billion VND were awarded to Vietnam Football Team and 100,000 USD to Park Hang-Seo Coach with the achievement of winning the AFF Cup championship 2018 night 15/12/2018.

In recognition of THACO’s efforts in fulfilling its objectives and strategies to contribute to the socio-economic development of Quang Nam province and the Vietnamese automobile industry and the contributions of individuals already outstanding achievements in production and business activities, contributing to the socio-economic development of Quang Nam province, the Vietnamese automobile industry; On this occasion, the Prime Minister, Ministry of Transport and Quang Nam People’s Committee awarded certificates of merit to the collective and some individuals of THACO’s staffs.

Speaking at the program, Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc greatly appreciated the development of Chu Lai OEZ, the most prominent being THACO’s contribution in the past 15 years at Chu Lai as a pioneer investor in Chu Lai. in particular and Quang Nam in general. THACO is the representative of Vietnam automobile industry. The Prime Minister also stated that THACO is the enterprise contributing most to Quang Nam, contributing positively to the socio-economic development of the province; especially job creation for thousands of local workers. To get the results THACO today, must emphasize the management of THACO and the strategy and objectives always follow and in accordance with the requirements of the integration period and the 4th industrial revolution. .

The Prime Minister also emphasized that in the coming time, THACO must strive to achieve its goal of becoming a multidisciplinary industrial group in key areas of the country. At the same time, continue to invest, expand and upgrade projects according to plans to develop construction engineering and agricultural engineering industries; attract and invite investment to develop supporting industries in order to increase localization rate and reduce product costs, increase competitiveness. To do this, THACO must focus on building the apparatus, selecting and training human resources. Governance must be in line with the development trend, combined with domestic and foreign cooperation, taking digital technology as the key. ”