Chu Lai port can receive ships of 50,000 tons


By 2030, Chu Lai Port (Nui Thanh District, Quang Nam Province) will secure ships of 30,000 tons, and can receive ships of 50,000 tons or more taking advantage of tidal water level to enter and leave the port.

The People’s Committee of Quang Nam province has just approved the outline of the task and the estimate of the survey, the planning of Chu Lai Port development up to 2020, the orientation to 2030. Accordingly, the research area shall be planned about 5,186 ha and Tam Hiep, Tam Hoa, Tam Giang, Tam Quang and Tam Hai communes of Nui Thanh district.

Chu Lai port will give priority to water surface, shoreline, land for port development, port services, logistics and transportation connecting to Ky Ha, Chu Lai, Tam Giang and Tam Hoa berths; there are general, container, specialized ports and passenger transport terminals to ensure the port’s capacity to meet the forecast of cargo demand through the port in each period.
Adjust the scope of service of the port including the whole of Quang Nam province, part of the Northern Highlands and southern provinces of Laos, thereby adjusting the port capacity scale.
Adjusting the size of the ship to the port, in the period to 2030 or more, taking advantage of the tide level of entering and leaving the port; assess the existing channel capacity and study the planning of opening new channels from the Interconnected Doors area to the berths: Chu Lai, Tam Giang and Tam Hoa, ensuring ships of 30,000 to 50,000 tons or more convenient access.
Planning to develop more cargo terminals (including specialized wharves for gas, petrol …) and passenger transport wharves. Chu Lai strives from port type II (local general port) to a port type I (national port, regional hub).